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Crazy Archaeologist Gold Farming

Discover the secret to leveling up your magic skill while earning a good amount of gp at the same time.

Are you a beginner looking to start goldfarming in Old School RuneScape? Look no further than the Crazy Archaeologist goldfarming method! Not only is it highly profitable, but the requirements can be achieved quickly and easily.


To get started with crazy archaeologist gold farming, we recommend using the Progressive Hill Giant script to level up your combat stats in F2P. Aim for 60/60/60, which will also grant you 43 prayer – crucial for evading PKers. Additionally, this will prepare you for taking on the Crazy Archaeologist since 42 prayer is required for protect against missile attacks.  By botting Hill Giants, you can knock out two requirements at once.

We suggest using an Iban’s Staff against the Crazy Archaeologist.

After leveling up your combat stats, it’s time to work on your range and magic. The Perfect Fighter script is ideal for killing random NPCs and leveling up your range to 25 and your magic to 8.

Once you’re ready to take on more advanced challenges, it’s time to bond up your accounts and launch  the Bottinghub Account Builder. This will allow you to quickly and easily level up your agility. Then, get 50 + magic at mage training arena. 


Finally, you can tackle some quests using the Stealth Quester script. Bot your way through Biohazard, Plague City, and Underground Pass and your account is now ready for crazy archaeologist gold farming

Crazy Archaeologist Gold farming.

To truly optimize your Crazy Archaeologist goldfarming method, we recommend starting with at least 1.5 million GP in starting cash. With this amount, you’ll have enough to cover all your expenses and ensure your profits keep rolling in.

From there, let the script do the work for you. It will handle everything from GE restocking to staff upgrading and NPC killing, allowing you to sit back and relax as the gold piles up.

We recommend equipping yourself with items like Monk’s Robes, Mystic Boots, Mystic Hat, and an Amulet of Glory or Occult Necklace. 
If you’re curious about the potential profits of gold farming with this method, click on the link below. 

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Hunter gold farm

Hunter gold farming

We all know how profitable hunter gold farming is. At higher levels, you can expect to make 400-500k per hour at red chins and close to 1m gp per hour at black chinchompas. My very first gold farm was actually a hunter gold farm and it made me thousands of dollars as a complete begginer. It’s easy to start and manage and that is why we suggest to make a hunter gold farm. 


To create a hunter gold farm we suggest having at least 70 hunter – for red chins -before starting and at least 85 hunter for black chinchompa. Our script is progressive – so it will train your hunting level starting from level 9. To achieve level 9 hunter we suggest using the perfect kudos script on OSBot SDN. 

Eagle’s peak quest is also required to lay down traps. At the time of writing this blog, stealth quester  does not support this quest. You will have to do it manually or hire a service provider. 

Expected profits

The account builder has 30 instances limit. We suggest running 30 accounts during the day and 30 during the night. A bot will make 300k profit per hour on the low end with some breaks inbetween and 12h sleep pattern. The entire gold farm will make you 180m gp per day (gross profits).

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   

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Sarachnis gold farm

Sarachnis gold farming

According to the runescape wiki, you can make about 600k gp in profits by gold farming Sarachnis.  We have achieved similar results with our script. The average profit from a sarachnis kill is about 30k which makes this a very profitable gold farming method. There are no sarachnis scripts available to the public which will make this method harder to detect. 


We suggest having at least 80/80/80 in your combat stats and 70+ range to be able to wear a full blessed d’hide set. 

70+ prayer is also recommended to use piety. 

For combat training, you can use our progressive hill giant script. It will start from level 1 and we suggest to train your combat in f2p, up until you reach 60/60/60 in your stats. If you use the bury bones option, you will achieve 43 prayer on the way too. At 60/60/60 switch to elder chaos druids or sand crabs or any other training method that you prefer and aim for 80/80/80. 

For range training you can  the fighter script  in f2p and get 40 or 50 range. Once you achieve that you can switch to undead druids in p2p.  70 range at undead druids will only take 3-4 days and you will make some extra gp on the way. 


Solo vs group mode

We implemented group mode inside this script so that we will be able to do group events and send 50 + bots at Sarachnis. If your sole purpose is to make profit, we suggest using the solo mode option, but if you want to join our group events and have fun together you can use the group mode option. We announce these events in our customers only group. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   

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Blast furnace gold farm

Blast furnace gold farm

So a few weeks ago I started botting blast furnace as a joke. Blast furnace bans are typically high, but to my surprise, I ended up getting 90 smithing before the ban wave hit me. 

I was doing runite bars and I was making around 760k gp profit per hour with the breaks that I was taking. The great thing about blast furnace though, is that you can start at 30 smithing. According to the runescape wiki, you can make 700k gp per hour with steel bars, assuming you have the coal bag and ice gloves. These are extremely easy to get. Without coal bag and ice gloves the profits are between 150k to 200k gp per hour. I would encourage you to get the coal bag since it will give you some mining levels and it will make your bot look a bit more legit and only do it at 30 smithing during twitch prime events.



Building the accounts

 Get some random stats up with our account-building script to make your bots look more human-like. Example: 51 fishing, 53 woodcutting, 47 smithing, 41 mining, 61 cooking, 44 fletching, 50 crafting, 25 herblore. Get some firemaking levels with our firemaking script and a few construction levels with stealth builder. You can train woodcutting, smithing, fishing and other f2p skills directly in f2p to avoid losing your membership investment if a ban hits in p2p. 

Get 60+ agility  for te full gracefull set. This will help you save money with stamina potions(also supported by the account builder). 

Get some random quest points with  stealth quester.  Quests like The knight sword will help you reach 30 smiting faster .

You can get a coal bag with the Perfect Motherload Mine script on OSBot. It takes roughly 2-3 days to hit 60 mining and enough nuggets to afford a coal bag. 


Order ice gloves services manually from our service discord. 

Start gold farming at blast furnace with the Perfect Blaster script on OSBot. It has built in ge restocking and I personally vouch for it. It’s a solid script. Here are some settings you can use when running this script. 


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KBD Gold Farm


KBD is probably the most fun thing to bot. Why?.. Because seeing 7-10 bots kill KBD together in a matter of seconds while earning 200k-300k gp per hour is extremely satisfying. Plus, you can get a dragon pickaxe drop or a visage or even a pet which happened to me in the past few days.

At the time of writing this article I am at around 1500 kc across 10 accounts with no bans. The requirements for KBD are pretty low. Below you can see a full guide on building some range tank accounts for kbd. 

The most important thing for these accounts is the range level. Here are several options to get your range levels up. 

1. Botting range in f2p

I did this method numerous times and I get multiple accounts to 70 range at hill giants. 1-20 range has been achieved at cows or chickens and 20-70 at hill giants using mithril arrows with the fighter script

Botting range in f2p is cheap and safe, but slower than p2p. 70 range takes 5-7 days with moderate break settings.

1. Botting range in p2p

For p2p you can do several methods like sand crabs ( the perfect fighter script has an extension for sand crabs as well), nightmarezone with stealth nmz or chaos druids if you want to make some gp on the way. 

High defence levels ( at least 50+ defence) is also required. You can achieve that simply by botting a few quests such as dragon slayer, holy grail, monkey madness with  stealth quester or you can train it alongside with range. This will decrease your range xp per hour but its an alternative you should bear in mind. 

43+ prayer is also required. It costs roughly 500k gp to get from level 1 to 43 with  Perfect Prayer.

You must have dragon slayer 1 started in order to unlock the dragon fire shield. To unlock 31 quest points you can bot any quests that you prefer. I personally bot the ones that give combat xp that I mentioned earlier + animal magnetism for ava’s accumulator and a combination of easy f2p quests and easy p2p quests. 

Ava’s accumulator is a must have as well. The crafting levels and woodcutting levels for Animal magnetism can be botted with the account builder which can be found in Bot Manager Elite plan here.   18 slayer can be botted with the perfect fighter script. If you decide to use a slayer script, make sure to babysit them. They tend to stuck a lot, hence I recommend the fighter script

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Master Farmer Gold Farm

Master farmer gold farm

Recently Jagex updated master farmers and the seeds they drop are now highly dependent on your farming level. That does not mean that master farmers gold farming is dead. In fact, I find it better since it has eliminated most of the competitors and drove the price of seeds up. For example, the price of rannar seeds have went up significantly, from ~40k gp in October to 62k gp in February.  Snap dragon seeds have also went up in price from ~48k gp to 82k gp at the time of writing this article. 

This makes master farmers goldfarming more profitable than ever and only slightly harder. After all, getting farming levels up is extremely easy. It takes only a few days ofTithe Farm to get 72+ farming.

The profit per hour increases at higher levels and with my gold farms, I usually alternate between pickpocketing master farms and tithe farm once my accounts are ready. I also switch occasionally to farm runs, herb runs, combat and other skills but the main focus on this type of farm is thieving. 

Building the accounts

 Start off by getting some random stats up with our account-building script to make your bots look more human-like. Example: 51 fishing, 53 woodcutting, 47 smithing, 41 mining, 61 cooking, 44 fletching, 50 crafting, 25 herblore. Get some firemaking levels with our firemaking script and a few construction levels with stealth builder.

Next, get 50 agility (also supported by the account builder). 

Get some quest points (focus on quests like hazeel cult, fight arena, client of kourend since they give thieving xp) with   stealth quester.  

Bot 50 thieving with the progressive master farmer script and 72+ farming with the tithe farm script. 

Order rogues den services manually from our service discord or wait until we release our own rogues den script. 

Start gold farming master farmers or rush higher thiving levels with the sorceress garden script. 

Scripts can be found in the   bot manager elite plan here.  

Sorceress garden can be started at 65 thieving and it supports the 1 click method. It also gives some farming xp so you can avoid low level farming training. I was averaging about 120-160k xp per hour. 

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Elder Chaos Druid Gold Farm

Elder chaos druid gold farm

You must have a really good rng to get a good profit per hour here. I have been lucky using this script, some accounts were getting 1m gp per hour and got multiple uniques while others were not getting any so the gold farm balanced out to an hourly profit of about 300-500k gp. It’s also an amazing spot to train your stats up. It’s also pretty affable and the script only interacts with the altar once in a while since the elder druids are aggressive. 

I usually bot hill giants until 40/40/40 or 60/60/60  in f2p or do chaos druids from 40/40/40 to  60/60/60 or 70/70/70 and then I start at elder chaos druids.  I highly suggest getting the combat up at hill giants since this will also train your prayer levels which are needed for elder druids. 

The script is really low in bans, I had one account that went from 80 to 99 attack here and multiple others that went from 60/60/60 to about 90ish. 

I usually bot hill giants until 40/40/40 or 60/60/60  in f2p or do chaos druids from 40/40/40 to  60/60/60 or 70/70/70 and then I start at elder chaos druids.  I highly suggest getting the combat up at hill giants since this will also train your prayer levels which are needed for elder druids. 

I sell the accounts in my discord server once they get decent levels. The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   A video where I used this script can be found below.

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Chaos Druid Gold Farm

Chaos druid gold farm

I would rather call this Chaos druid account farm. Killing Chaos druids only generates between 100 to 150k gp per hour. It’s not the best money maker, however, it’s great for getting combat xp while making some money on the way. You can end up maintaining a membership code while getting some decent combat levels.

This is one of the oldest gold farming methods in the game, however, nobody seems to be doing it anymore, making it perfect for us. When I ran accounts before here, nobody else was doing it and even better, no pkers were around either. 

I usually bot hill giants until 40/40/40 in f2p and then transition over to chaos druids where I either do 60/60/60 or 70/70/70 or 80/80/80. I would encourage you to strive for 60/60/60 as other levels are harder and risker to achieve. You can also start directly in P2P by botting a few quests like waterfall quest, tree gnome village, holy grail with Stealth Quester.  This method is riskier, but if you do it during Twitch prime events, then it may be worth it.  

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Professional plan here.   A video where I made a chaos druid gold farm (and elder chaos druids, undead druids) can be found below.  

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Undead Druid Gold Farm

How I botted tons of 99s with 0 bans at undead druids

This is probably the best undead druid script out there. I botted multiple accounts to 99 range, 99 strength and got tons of other levels on the way too. I usually start killing undead druids when I have 50+ range and 55 magic. By the time I get 99 range, I will also get ~75-80 magic too just from high alching the random drops. I probably ran the biggest, most profitable undead druid gold farms over the past few months, as a result, I decided to write this article in order to help you achieve the same results.

I got these levels doing only Undead druids, I did not even bother to switch the activity. I did it just on rare occasions. Of course, that is not recommended, try to do multiple money-making methods at the same time. 

I highly suggest starting killing druids at 37 prayer, 50+ range, 60/60/60 combat, and 55 magic for high alching.  I get the magic levels at mage training arena, combat either in f2p with the progressive hill giant script or p2p at chaos druids, and for range I usually do sand crabs or chaos druids.  Alternatively, you can also bot higher range and combat levels  Nightmarezone and then start botting undead druids for an even better profit per hour. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   A video where I used this script can be found below.

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F2P Obor Gold Farm

This is how I made over 1000 accounts to 70 combat in F2P by botting hill giants and gold farming Obor

You’d be surprised but I don’t always jump straight in P2P when botting. I actually bot at least 70 combat and get 500+ total level in f2p at hill giants. I also make my starting cash from turning all these accounts into an Obor gold farm. On each account, I make on average about 5m gp + which is more than enough to have some starting money for P2P. This is a great way to get your combat up in F2P with low risks. Once you reach 60/60/60 the accounts will be almost ready to bot Nightmarezone in P2P or other types of activities.

I usually start off by funneling some starting gp into the accounts, usually 700k to cover the price for supplies and armor, then train some random skills up with our account builder and start the progressive hill giant script. The good thing about it is that it switches automatically from chickens to cows, to al kharid warriors to hill giants. If you reach at least 60/60/60 you can start your own Obor gold farm and if you’re lucky you can get the hill giant club which goes for about 600k gp. 

Obor will be killed with swordfish so make sure you have that in your bank before starting. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Professional plan here. 

Here is how you run fully automated hill giant gold farms with this script

Setting up the grand exchange trader to buy supplies

All items are case-sensitive. Make sure you type the names correctly exactly as they are in the grand exchange. Scimitar and armor of each set are required from iron to rune. It will be using rune chain body instead of plate body at 40 defense. 

Once your items are added inside, save the file as ‘armour’ or any name that you prefer. 

Make a task inside the bot manager with any name that you would like. Make sure to pick the grand exchange trader script from the script selector and you set the parameters with the name of the file you saved in the previous step. In our example, we named it ‘armour’. 

Setting up the hill giant script

Choose your settings (breaks, bury bones, anti bans, etc) and name your profile anything you would like. We named it ‘hill’ in this example.

Make a task inside the bot manager, choose BH Hill Giant-killer from the script selector and type the parameters we saved earlier. The tasks are now ready, you can quickly deploy your bots from the dashboard once you add a configuration.