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Master farmer gold farm

Recently Jagex updated master farmers and the seeds they drop are now highly dependent on your farming level. That does not mean that master farmers gold farming is dead. In fact, I find it better since it has eliminated most of the competitors and drove the price of seeds up. For example, the price of rannar seeds have went up significantly, from ~40k gp in October to 62k gp in February.  Snap dragon seeds have also went up in price from ~48k gp to 82k gp at the time of writing this article. 

This makes master farmers goldfarming more profitable than ever and only slightly harder. After all, getting farming levels up is extremely easy. It takes only a few days ofTithe Farm to get 72+ farming.

The profit per hour increases at higher levels and with my gold farms, I usually alternate between pickpocketing master farms and tithe farm once my accounts are ready. I also switch occasionally to farm runs, herb runs, combat and other skills but the main focus on this type of farm is thieving. 

Building the accounts

 Start off by getting some random stats up with our account-building script to make your bots look more human-like. Example: 51 fishing, 53 woodcutting, 47 smithing, 41 mining, 61 cooking, 44 fletching, 50 crafting, 25 herblore. Get some firemaking levels with our firemaking script and a few construction levels with stealth builder.

Next, get 50 agility (also supported by the account builder). 

Get some quest points (focus on quests like hazeel cult, fight arena, client of kourend since they give thieving xp) with   stealth quester.  

Bot 50 thieving with the progressive master farmer script and 72+ farming with the tithe farm script. 

Order rogues den services manually from our service discord or wait until we release our own rogues den script. 

Start gold farming master farmers or rush higher thiving levels with the sorceress garden script. 

Scripts can be found in the   bot manager elite plan here.  

Sorceress garden can be started at 65 thieving and it supports the 1 click method. It also gives some farming xp so you can avoid low level farming training. I was averaging about 120-160k xp per hour.