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Hunter gold farming

We all know how profitable hunter gold farming is. At higher levels, you can expect to make 400-500k per hour at red chins and close to 1m gp per hour at black chinchompas. My very first gold farm was actually a hunter gold farm and it made me thousands of dollars as a complete begginer. It’s easy to start and manage and that is why we suggest to make a hunter gold farm. 


To create a hunter gold farm we suggest having at least 70 hunter – for red chins -before starting and at least 85 hunter for black chinchompa. Our script is progressive – so it will train your hunting level starting from level 9. To achieve level 9 hunter we suggest using Stealth quester to complete the museum quiz. 

Eagle’s peak quest is also required to lay down traps. At the time of writing this blog, stealth quester  does not support this quest. You will have to do it manually or hire a service provider. 

Expected profits

The account builder has 30 instances limit. We suggest running 30 accounts during the day and 30 during the night. A bot will make 300k profit per hour on the low end with some breaks inbetween and 12h sleep pattern. The entire gold farm will make you 180m gp per day (gross profits).

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.