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KBD is probably the most fun thing to bot. Why?.. Because seeing 7-10 bots kill KBD together in a matter of seconds while earning 200k-300k gp per hour is extremely satisfying. Plus, you can get a dragon pickaxe drop or a visage or even a pet which happened to me in the past few days.

At the time of writing this article I am at around 1500 kc across 10 accounts with no bans. The requirements for KBD are pretty low. Below you can see a full guide on building some range tank accounts for kbd. 

The most important thing for these accounts is the range level. Here are several options to get your range levels up. 

1. Botting range in f2p

I did this method numerous times and I get multiple accounts to 70 range at hill giants. 1-20 range has been achieved at cows or chickens and 20-70 at hill giants using mithril arrows with the fighter script

Botting range in f2p is cheap and safe, but slower than p2p. 70 range takes 5-7 days with moderate break settings.

1. Botting range in p2p

For p2p you can do several methods like sand crabs ( the perfect fighter script has an extension for sand crabs as well), nightmarezone with stealth nmz or chaos druids if you want to make some gp on the way. 

High defence levels ( at least 50+ defence) is also required. You can achieve that simply by botting a few quests such as dragon slayer, holy grail, monkey madness with  stealth quester or you can train it alongside with range. This will decrease your range xp per hour but its an alternative you should bear in mind. 

43+ prayer is also required. It costs roughly 500k gp to get from level 1 to 43 with  Perfect Prayer.

You must have dragon slayer 1 started in order to unlock the dragon fire shield. To unlock 31 quest points you can bot any quests that you prefer. I personally bot the ones that give combat xp that I mentioned earlier + animal magnetism for ava’s accumulator and a combination of easy f2p quests and easy p2p quests. 

Ava’s accumulator is a must have as well. The crafting levels and woodcutting levels for Animal magnetism can be botted with the account builder which can be found in Bot Manager Elite plan here.   18 slayer can be botted with the perfect fighter script. If you decide to use a slayer script, make sure to babysit them. They tend to stuck a lot, hence I recommend the fighter script