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Frequently asked questions

The Guide can be found under “Tutorials” at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to read the guide.

You can find your order by checking your email. Alternatively, you can check “My account” page.

Yes, Ultimate Gold Farming Guide is in a continuous expansion. We will regularly add new articles and update the content to make sure it’s up to date 24/7.

Gold farming is the process of generating virtual goods in games, similar to making money.

It all depends on your skills. Some people just waste their time, while others make a lot of money, which is why you need to take it slow and study a little before you jump into actual gold farming.

That depends on situation. In most cases, it will not matter. Having a proxy far from your current location (different continent) usually adds some latency to the connection, but this is irrelevant unless you are botting high end content where you need instant response for every click.

Pre-configured servers are servers which have been already setup for gold farming. Purchasing a server from any host online will only get you the server itself, which doesn’t even have a graphical interface. Unless you are an experienced programmer, you will need someone to set it up for you, which is what we do.

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