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This is how I made over 1000 accounts to 70 combat in F2P by botting hill giants and gold farming Obor

You’d be surprised but I don’t always jump straight in P2P when botting. I actually bot at least 70 combat and get 500+ total level in f2p at hill giants. I also make my starting cash from turning all these accounts into an Obor gold farm. On each account, I make on average about 5m gp + which is more than enough to have some starting money for P2P. This is a great way to get your combat up in F2P with low risks. Once you reach 60/60/60 the accounts will be almost ready to bot Nightmarezone in P2P or other types of activities.

I usually start off by funneling some starting gp into the accounts, usually 700k to cover the price for supplies and armor, then train some random skills up with our account builder and start the progressive hill giant script. The good thing about it is that it switches automatically from chickens to cows, to al kharid warriors to hill giants. If you reach at least 60/60/60 you can start your own Obor gold farm and if you’re lucky you can get the hill giant club which goes for about 600k gp. 

Obor will be killed with swordfish so make sure you have that in your bank before starting. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Professional plan here. 

Here is how you run fully automated hill giant gold farms with this script

Setting up the grand exchange trader to buy supplies

All items are case-sensitive. Make sure you type the names correctly exactly as they are in the grand exchange. Scimitar and armor of each set are required from iron to rune. It will be using rune chain body instead of plate body at 40 defense. 

Once your items are added inside, save the file as ‘armour’ or any name that you prefer. 

Make a task inside the bot manager with any name that you would like. Make sure to pick the grand exchange trader script from the script selector and you set the parameters with the name of the file you saved in the previous step. In our example, we named it ‘armour’. 

Setting up the hill giant script

Choose your settings (breaks, bury bones, anti bans, etc) and name your profile anything you would like. We named it ‘hill’ in this example.

Make a task inside the bot manager, choose BH Hill Giant-killer from the script selector and type the parameters we saved earlier. The tasks are now ready, you can quickly deploy your bots from the dashboard once you add a configuration.