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Discover the secret to leveling up your magic skill while earning a good amount of gp at the same time.

Are you a beginner looking to start goldfarming in Old School RuneScape? Look no further than the Crazy Archaeologist goldfarming method! Not only is it highly profitable, but the requirements can be achieved quickly and easily.


To get started with crazy archaeologist gold farming, we recommend using the Progressive Hill Giant script to level up your combat stats in F2P. Aim for 60/60/60, which will also grant you 43 prayer – crucial for evading PKers. Additionally, this will prepare you for taking on the Crazy Archaeologist since 42 prayer is required for protect against missile attacks.  By botting Hill Giants, you can knock out two requirements at once.

We suggest using an Iban’s Staff against the Crazy Archaeologist.

After leveling up your combat stats, it’s time to work on your range and magic. The Perfect Fighter script is ideal for killing random NPCs and leveling up your range to 25 and your magic to 8.

Once you’re ready to take on more advanced challenges, it’s time to bond up your accounts and launch  the Bottinghub Account Builder. This will allow you to quickly and easily level up your agility. Then, get 50 + magic at mage training arena. 


Finally, you can tackle some quests using the Stealth Quester script. Bot your way through Biohazard, Plague City, and Underground Pass and your account is now ready for crazy archaeologist gold farming

Crazy Archaeologist Gold farming.

To truly optimize your Crazy Archaeologist goldfarming method, we recommend starting with at least 1.5 million GP in starting cash. With this amount, you’ll have enough to cover all your expenses and ensure your profits keep rolling in.

From there, let the script do the work for you. It will handle everything from GE restocking to staff upgrading and NPC killing, allowing you to sit back and relax as the gold piles up.

We recommend equipping yourself with items like Monk’s Robes, Mystic Boots, Mystic Hat, and an Amulet of Glory or Occult Necklace. 
If you’re curious about the potential profits of gold farming with this method, click on the link below.