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Sarachnis gold farming

According to the runescape wiki, you can make about 600k gp in profits by gold farming Sarachnis.  We have achieved similar results with our script. The average profit from a sarachnis kill is about 30k which makes this a very profitable gold farming method. There are no sarachnis scripts available to the public which will make this method harder to detect. 


We suggest having at least 80/80/80 in your combat stats and 70+ range to be able to wear a full blessed d’hide set. 

70+ prayer is also recommended to use piety. 

For combat training, you can use our progressive hill giant script. It will start from level 1 and we suggest to train your combat in f2p, up until you reach 60/60/60 in your stats. If you use the bury bones option, you will achieve 43 prayer on the way too. At 60/60/60 switch to elder chaos druids or sand crabs or any other training method that you prefer and aim for 80/80/80. 



Solo vs group mode

We implemented group mode inside this script so that we will be able to do group events and send 50 + bots at Sarachnis. If your sole purpose is to make profit, we suggest using the solo mode option, but if you want to join our group events and have fun together you can use the group mode option. We announce these events in our customers only group. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.