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How I botted tons of 99s with 0 bans at undead druids

This is probably the best undead druid script out there. I botted multiple accounts to 99 range, 99 strength and got tons of other levels on the way too. I usually start killing undead druids when I have 50+ range and 55 magic. By the time I get 99 range, I will also get ~75-80 magic too just from high alching the random drops. I probably ran the biggest, most profitable undead druid gold farms over the past few months, as a result, I decided to write this article in order to help you achieve the same results.

I got these levels doing only Undead druids, I did not even bother to switch the activity. I did it just on rare occasions. Of course, that is not recommended, try to do multiple money-making methods at the same time. 

I highly suggest starting killing druids at 37 prayer, 50+ range, 60/60/60 combat, and 55 magic for high alching.  I get the magic levels at mage training arena, combat either in f2p with the progressive hill giant script or p2p at chaos druids, and for range I usually do sand crabs or chaos druids.  Alternatively, you can also bot higher range and combat levels  Nightmarezone and then start botting undead druids for an even better profit per hour. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   A video where I used this script can be found below.

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