How I botted tons of 99s with 0 bans

This is probably the best undead druid script out there. I botted multiple accounts to 99 range, 99 strength and got tons of other levels on the way too. I usually start killing undead druids when I have 50+ range and 55 magic. By the time I get 99 range, I will also get ~75-80 magic too just from high alching the random drops. 

I got these levels doing only Undead druids, I did not even bother to switch the activity. I did it just on rare occasions. Of course, that is not recommended, try to do multiple money-making methods at the same time. 

I highly suggest starting killing druids at 37 prayer, 50+ range, 60/60/60 combat, and 55 magic for high alching.  I get the magic levels at mage training arena, combat either in f2p with the progressive hill giant script or p2p at chaos druids, and for range I usually do sand crabs or chaos druids. 

The script can be found in the Bot Manager Elite plan here.   A video where I used this script can be found below.

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