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This is the first part of a series of videos that will show you step by step how to build different types of accounts. In this part, we will cover general aspects such as break ratios, anti ban patterns and general tips to help you succeed. Make sure you watch this until the end before you begin with the next videos.

Part 1: Requirements

  • We have to start from the ground up with all the things that you will need. These are:
  • a botting client
  • proxies
  • starting gp
  • bot manager
  • scripts
  • membership codes

For the botting client, we will be using osbot and we highly suggest using the mirror mode since it plays the official game client.

Proxies are only needed if you run more than 2 or 3 accounts. If you only run between 1 or 3 accounts just run them on your home IP. If you decide to run a farm, you can use 1 or 2 accounts per proxy. For the type of proxies, you can either use data centers which are cheaper or residential proxies. They are a bit more expensive but we find them superior and most of them are not blocked on the jagex’s website, which means you can register accounts without setting up an email. This helps greatly for account selling. For that reason, I personally use residential ones which you can find in our store, but if you want something more cheaper, you can go with data centers.

Each account will require a different amount of gold depending on the build that you choose. You can buy gold from different websites such as player auctions.

If you want to manage everything easier, I highly suggest using the bot manager as well. It can help you with things like account creation and unlocking, membership code redeeming, ge restocking, script queueing, fast launching and it comes with some scripts as a bonus.

You will also need different types of scripts for each individual build and we will discuss those in the videos to come and lastly you will also need membership codes. Membership codes are cheaper than bonds, give more days of membership and are easier to redeem, plus you don’t have to transfer 6m gp per account to buy a bond. This will help reduce real world trade bans.

Part 2: break ratios

during the past few months, we have been experimenting with different break times/bot times and analyzed multiple scenarios, drew statistics and we came to the conclusion that short break & bot times perform best and have the lowest ban rates possible. For skilling activities and scripts such as account builder you can use breaks like: bot time 5-8 minutes, break time 5-10 minutes and for combat you can use breaks like: bot time 5-23 minutes, break time 5-11 minutes.We have ran thousands of tests in the past 1 year so we are very confident that you will see less bans using these breaks, so please use them.

Part 3: reducing bans

Set up a human like name in tutorial island. Bot like names will get reported quicker and you will get banned much faster.

Do tutorial island manually or hire hand made tutorial island services using the discord link below

Switch activities as often as you can and only do 1 or 2 quests at a time

Make your bots as human like as possible. For example, if you want to build the generic zulrah bot, get some other random stats inbetween

Avoid free scripts and highly used scripts on SDN.

and finally, Use the recommended break settings