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The tutorials section is a growing collection of goldfarming tutorials written by NotABot and the Botting Hub associates, based on years of goldfarming experience which will help you improve your botting skills. The first part (Setup) will help you jump into botting and briefly present all the tools you will need to get started. While you only need to have the client and some scripts, we strongly recommend you start using proxies as early as possible in your goldfarming journey. The servers are not something you should worry about until your farm has scaled up enough to no longer fit on your PC.

We also offer some premium content for those who are already familiar with botting, but would like to begin goldfarming. These articles present some techniques that you can employ when planning your farm. A case study is also provided to showcase the entire process of setting up a goldfarm, step by step with as much detail as possible.

A small list of selected goldfarming methods that we endorse is provided for those who are having a hard time finding a method. We regularly update these, as the game progresses and the market changes with it. The guide itself is in continuous development and will be regularly expanded.