We also accept 07GP and bitcoin payments. Contact NotAbot#4836 or join our discord for more information.

Ultimate Gold Farming Guide

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Most people in the botting scene will have you thinking the only way to achieve great botting results is by just clicking start on an expensive private script. That is simply not true.

Jagex bot detection system can track your bots before you even had the chance to start a script. You will learn how in the chapter called “Browser bans”. The ultimate gold farming guide has been written with YOU in mind. You can achieve great results without having to spend hundreds of dollars on private scripts. Nobody wants that. In our youtube videos, we use only premium scripts and this is something you should aim to use as well in order to have a good return on investment.

In addition to Browser bans, Ultimate gold farming guide includes:

  • Setup ( learn how to use Java, Proxies, Osbot, Scripts)
  • System tracking (learn how Jagex tracks farms and how to avoid it)
  • Virtual machine setup
  • Behaviour analysis (learn how bots behave and how to diferentiate from them)
  • Buying membership (learn how to get membership with other methods than bonds for a cheaper price)
  • Ban classification
  • Unbanning accounts
  • Farm types
  • Hotspot map (learn what hotspots to avoid)
  • Transferring gold
  • Gold farming methods
  • Account business

Most people starting their gold farming journey lose money trying to learn botting on their own. The cost of doing this is tenfold higher than the price of the guide. With the ultimate gold farming guide, you can employ our advanced tactics and strategies towards the accomplishment of your goal, whether that is a successful gold farm or building the account you always wanted.

Are you ready for results like these?


I want you to be totally confident with Botting Hub. That’s why we offer our help personally, not just text material. Our team will answer questions and offer supports in your gold farming journey. We take this very seriously and we’re not going to go easy on you or let you quit, we’re going to keep you focused and help you get the most out of the program.

If you commit to Botting Hub, then we will commit to you and your success!

You’ve seen our YouTube videos and you might think that all the information you need is right there. We don’t blame you for thinking that way. We try to provide you guys with the absolute best information in regards to botting.


The ultimate gold farming guide will showcast you the complete goldfarming system. It is the same plan that I use to run successful farms outside of our youtube videos. With the program, you get what you pay for.


Yes! Utimate gold farming guide is a one time payment. You pay once and have access to it lifetime. 

No, the guide is not a physical e-book.

To access the Ultimate gold farming guide, you have to go under “Tutorials” at the top of the page. You need to be logged in to read the guide.

To access the VIP group you need to visit our discord server and dm us the order number.


Frequently asked questions

We also accept 07GP and bitcoin payments. Contact NotAbot#4836 or join our discord for more information.

The bot manager is a software that provides an affordable way of getting into goldfarming and automating most tasks from account creation to chaing scripts together. We do improve the manager on a daily basis and we add functionalities to it as the botting industry changes.

The only client supported on the manager is Osbot. We will not support other clients.

Plans range from $32.99 a month to $199.99 lifetime. We also put together a goldfarming pack that includes a botting guide for those who are not familiar with gold farming. The pack also comes with 3 proxies good for 3 months.

The order can be found in your email inbox or by visiting my account – subscriptions. 

Yes, we do offer remote control or chat support if needed. Contact us on our live chat or join the discord.