We also accept 07GP, Bitcoin and PayPal. Contact NotAbot#4836, join our discord or contact chat support for more information.

500 Extra Quota


Purchase this product now and earn 17 Points!

As you’ve noticed, cloud management function executions are currently limited to 30 free daily quotas.  Upgrade your quota limit and scale up your gold farm with a 500 Extra Quota Plan. That’s only 0.034 per Quota.


Frequently asked questions

We also accept 07GP and bitcoin payments. Contact NotAbot#4836 or join our discord for more information.

The bot manager is a software that provides an affordable way of getting into goldfarming and automating most tasks from account creation to chaing scripts together. We do improve the manager on a daily basis and we add functionalities to it as the botting industry changes.

The only client supported on the manager is Osbot. We will not support other clients.

Plans range from $32.99 a month to $199.99 lifetime. We also put together a goldfarming pack that includes a botting guide for those who are not familiar with gold farming. The pack also comes with 3 proxies good for 3 months.

The order can be found in your email inbox or by visiting my account – subscriptions. 

Yes, we do offer remote control or chat support if needed. Contact us on our live chat or join the discord.