20% off for elite lifetime plan + 1 free Ironman account with 99 firemaking + ultimate goldfarming guide or scripting guide for free | Code "20off"

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The exact break settings, tasks and goldfarming methods that are killing it in botting right now

Why book a call with me?

  • LITERALLY no one has helped more botters run profitable gold farms
  • I have automated hundreds of accounts, got thousand of 99s, got bots into top hiscores and made thousands of dollars from gold farming 
  • We are doing this full time and built our own custom scripts an tools. We know what works best.
  • We will dive into one of our servers and show you how we run everything and how everything works, our exact break ratio patters and the entire blue print of becoming successful 
  • Includes 45 minutes of coaching
  • Clients supported: Osbot / Botting Hub. We are not familiar with other platforms. What will teach you will only apply for the tools that we use.