You can find the bot manager key over email or my account - subscriptions. The download link can be found here.

The proxy order can be found via email or my account - subscriptions. 

The guide can be found under "Tutorials" at the top side of the page or by following this link.

You will need to be logged in in order to read it.

Make sure you have all the system requirements downloaded on your device. You can find them here. If you have the system requirements and it still won't open, make sure you disable any VPN's or antiviruses. If you need help further, contact the chat support.

No, our proxies are data centre. Residential proxies are in the $75 - $125 a month range.

The minimum requirements are 8 magic and 20 HP. You can get get those requirements by botting Imp Catcher and Witch's House with Stealth Quester.

If you use mirror mode, make sure you have osbot vip. If you still have VIP and its not opening, make sure you set up a valid world, the correct parameters and make sure the official osrs client is installed and its located in C:\Users\User

Any character or number like "1".

The hill giant script is progressive. It will require a full armour set / scimitar set of each tier (full iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant and full rune with a rune chainbody & an amulet of strength). The food supported is trout for hill giants and swordfish for Obor.

Yes, make sure you join our discord for a quote.

Yes, the RSGP rate is 0.4. Contact the chat support or NotAbot#4836 on discord to place an order with RSGP/BTC.

No, we don't. If you try to pitch us your accounts or services, you will be ignored. 

If you get this message through the manager, make sure you set up a valid world and a world that isnt full. W330 will often get that message. 

We do not, but purchasing the Ultimate Gold Farming guide will give you access to our VIP room where you can discuss with others and receive direct answers to your questions from Not A Bot.

Delete the sandboxie.ini file located in C:\Users\User\Desktop\Sandboxie.ini

To buy codes, make a ticket in our discord server and one of our trusted seller will get back to you. Do not message any of our admins for this.