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The bot manager will help you eliminate redundant tasks like starting scripts manually 100+ times or creating and unlocking accounts manually, redeeming membership codes, and muling.  Your entire farm can be managed from a single interface. You can find a full list of features here.

Table of Contents

Initial setup

Download link: Bot Manager v2.3

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Educational, Enterprise)
  • Windows Server 2016+
  • Linux*
  • Mac OS* **
Software Requirements Please pay attention to where you install Proxifier and Sandboxie, and make sure you have installed the standard edition, not the portable ones. The associated services/drivers they add duration installation should be running. If they were stopped for any reason they must be started. If you can start both Proxifier and Sandboxie manually then those services/drivers are functional.
* Mirror mode functionality not supported on non Windows operating systems ** Mac OS users cannot set launch world *** Windows only Sandboxie and Proxifier only need to be installed. The manager will configure them automatically in the background.

Understanding the manager

Hover over each tooltip to understand its purpose, functions and role. 

Main Dashboard

Here is where you configure and launch your bots, redeem membership codes and unlock accounts.

Command option 

Includes multiple functions that allow you to start, reset and stop your bots or unlock and redeem membership codes.

Data option

Allows you to copy and paste your configurations. 

Delete option

Deletes your configuration

Add option

Here is where you add your configuration.

Edit option

Edits your configuration

Bots tab

In this segment, you can add your bots. The account creator will also send the bots here once they are created. 

Proxies tab

In this segment, you can copy-paste your proxies in.

Server tab

In this segment, you can add your servers for remote launching.

Tasks tab

In this segment, you can customize your own tasks that the bots will perform.

Utilities tab

In this segment, you can create your accounts via our own cloud platform.

1 Gmail address is required.

Settings tab

This section shows you the correct paths where you need to install Sandboxie and Proxifier.

Cloud management functions setup (account creator/unlocker/membership code redeemer)

Account Creator


  • 64 bit Windows operating system
  • Google Chrome browser installed
  • 1 Single brand new Gmail address with 2 Factor Authenticator enabled with access configured (see below)
  • Once you enabled 2 Factor Authenticator here head over to your gmail settings and click on “App passwords”
  • From App passwords select Mail and from the device segment – select “other” and type in “Bot Manager”, then hit generate. 
  • Once the password has been generated, copy paste it in the bot manager under “gmail password” and type in your gmail account and hit start. Once bots are created, they will be sent into the bots tab inside the manager. 


  • Number of accounts – The number of accounts you wish to create 
  • Daily quota: The number of free cloud operations you own. By default, you receive 30 daily for free
  • Fixed quota: The number of paid cloud operation you purchase from our store. 
  • Gmail account – A gmail address which has the access configured as described above
  • Gmail password – Generated app password  
  • Run task after creation – If you enable this, it will automatically insert the created accounts into the dashboard and start them with the selected task
  • Mirror mode – it will allow you to run the task directly in mirror mode
  • Assign to server – This works with the option above, it selects the server when adding it to the dashboard. Leave on localhost if you are not sure.
  • Proxy pool – Allows you to configure which proxies the manager will use to run the task on after the creation. 
After you hit start, the account creator will begin in 20-30 seconds. The button text will show how many accounts have been created at every given moment. Once execution completes, the button will be re-enabled.
IMPORTANT: The account creation will not work if the gmail steps above were not done properly (less secure apps OR app password AND display unlock captcha AND wait 5 minutes after doing this). If you are logged into multiple Google accounts, log out from all except the one for which you want to configure the access settings. Failure to complete these steps will result in not being able to create accounts and an error popup linking to this page. The display unlock captcha will likely have to be done twice, once BEFORE and once AFTER running the account creator for the first time on every device.

Account Unlocker

Accounts will automatically be unlocked as long as you have this option checked in the utilities tab and the accounts are launched via the bot manager and you have enough cloud operations (quota). Alternatively, you can unlock them by using the command option form the Dashboard.

Membership code redeemer

To redeem codes, you need to head over  the Dashboard, select your codes ( copy to clipboard – using ctrl + c), select the bots, and click redeem codes via the command option. Bulk redeeming option is available. Select multiple codes and multiple bots from the dashboard with the shift key. 

Basic setup

Save your bots, proxies, servers and assign tasks to quickly deploy your gold farm.

If the bots are made via the bot manager, they will be sent automatically into the bots tab.

In order to schedule a bot, you should add a new configuration on the dashboard, containing at least a bot and a task to run. Optionally, you can also add a proxy and a server (by default it will run on localhost, i.e. the PC you run the manager on).

ORACLE JRE 8 is required to run the manager. OpenJDK is not supported on the machine that runs the manager since JavaFX is not included in it, but you can run it on servers and have the manager launch bots there from your PC.

Add configurations in your dashboard and press start to begin running the bot. The status is displayed on the right most column, e.g. BREAKING, RUNNING.

Task setup


Each task has a 7 day schedule where you can add task items with specific time intervals picked from your machine timezone or using the “run until stop option’, which basically executes the script until it stops (e.g. Stealth Quester until the quests have been completed). The “run until stop” option is used when you have a specific goal in mind, while time intervals can be used to simulate sleep patterns or human-like behavior. 

When you add a task with “run until stop’, it will fill up the time slots until the next task, even though it will only be launched once in this interval.

To use the day mode option, make sure to uncheck queue mode when adding a task.


Queue mode allows you to run scripts one after the other. You can also add breaks within the task itself and change the queue position of each script. 

To use the queue mode option, make sure to check queue mode when adding a task.


The loop option loops the task you made all over again. 

To use the loop task option, make sure to check loop task when adding a task. This will only work with queue mode.

Muling setup


Both the mule and the bot must be running in order for the muling script to start trading. When setting up the name of the mule, make sure you type it right – this is case sensitive.
bot;presetname-parameters configuration for the bot
mule;presetname – parameter configuration for the muler
presetname – name of the file you save inside the script

Bot Manager Pro Scripts Setup

Progressive Hill Giant Killer with Obor Support

Description: The script is designed to train your accounts in f2p. It will progressively kill chickens, cows, al-kharid warriors, hill giants, and obor. You can start as a level 3, although random skills are recommended to avoid profiling. The script has built-in break settings. 

Requirements: iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune scimitar, amulet of strength, full iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant set with platebody and rune set with rune chain body, 200+ trouts, brass key. You can buy all these with the grand exchange trader script inside the manager.  

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, you can use the default parameters by typing: “Default” in the parameter section in the GUI.

Obor: Requires swordfish as food and at least 60/60/60 in your combat stats. 

Mage Training Arena

Description: The script completes the mage training arena minigame.  The script has built-in break settings and G.E restocking – it will buy and sell everything it needs. The profits are depended on the item you pick from the mage training arena shop.

Requirements: 8 Magic, 20 HP ( can be botted with Stealth Quester), 500k +

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, you can use the default parameters by typing: “Default” in the parameter section in the GUI.


Description: The script AFK’s in game in order to get rid of the F2P Trade restrictions. It can be used for other purposes, like using it via manager to open clients and do tutorial island manually. 

Requirements: none

Parameters: any, example: 1

Progressive F2P Firemaker

Description: The script lights logs at the G.E (logs, oaks, willows, maples)

Requirements: Tinderbox & enough logs

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Chaos Druid killer

Description: The script kills Chaos Druids in Edgeville dungeon and Falador. 

Requirements: At least 20 combat, food, potions, teleportation methods (glory/falador teleport tabs).

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Bot Manager Elite Scripts Setup

Account Builder

Description: The script trains multiple skills in the most efficient way. Our script has built-in ge restocking.

Requirements: Enough gp on each account to reach the desired levels

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager


Description: The script kills KBD in the wilderness. Group mode option possible by launching the bots into the same world. 

Requirements: High stats, 43+ prayer, decent armour, good food, enough gp for supplies, dragon slayer 1 started in order to wear a dragon fire shield. 

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Sorceress’s Garden

Description: The script completes the summer season using the 1 click method.

Requirements: 65 thieving, enough gp for stamina potions and beer glasses

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Elder Chaos Druid kiler

Description: Kills Elder Chaos druids in the wilderness.

Requirements: 37 prayer, decent stats, armor, food, and enough gp to resupply on death.

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Crazy archeologists

Description: Kills Crazy archeologist in the wilderness using the iban staff only (other spells are not supported). 

Requirements: 43+ prayer, high magic/hp/defence levels, underground pass quest completed.

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Minnow fisher

Description: Fishes Minnows in the fishing guild & gets the fishing trawler outfit.

Requirements: 15+ fishing for fishing trawler, 82 + fishing for minnows, full angler outfit, fishing contest quest completed. 

Parameters: Cli text arguments given by the script in the GUI

Undead Druids

Description: The script kills undead druids in forthos dungeon

Requirements: 100 Baby dragon bones and 5 dragon stones to unlock forthos dungeon, a knife or a sharp weapon for the spider web, enough food, teleportation methods, alching runes if alch mode is enabled, enough arrows if range mode is enabled, 25 construction and house in hosidious if you want to teleport to forthos dungeon via teleport to house tab. Minimum stats: 43 prayer, 50 range (for range mode) and 70/70/70 (for combat mode), 55 magic for high alching. 

Parameters: Name of the file you save inside the script, outside the manager

Progressive Master Farmers

Description: The script trains thieving from level 1 until its able to do master farmers

Requirements: some food for 1-5 thieving, hammer, compost and saltpetre if you do not have 15% hosidious favour yet

Parameters: Cli text arguments given by the script in the GUI

Tutorial Island Solver

Description: The script completes tutorial island. Supports regular accounts and hcim accounts.

Requirements: None

Parameters: Cli text arguments given by the script in the GUI

Tithe Farm

Description: The script trains farming from level 1 to 99. 

Requirements: 1 Hammer, 10 Watering can, 10112 Compost & 10112 Saltpetre (for 1-34 farming), 1 Seed dibber, and 1 Spade

Parameters: Cli text arguments given by the script in the GUI

Important: Make sure your FPS is set to 50 inside the manager before running this script a