User Guide

In order to schedule a bot, you should add a new configuration on the dashboard, containing at least a bot and a task to run. Optionally, you can also add a proxy and a server (by default it will run on localhost, i.e. the PC you run the manager on).

ORACLE JDK 8 is required to run the manager. Make sure the “bin” directory inside the JDK directory is on the system PATH variable (add via environment variables if not automatically added). If this is not set up properly, the manager will continuously launch clients.

You can use the Import Clipboard buttons on the Bots and Proxy tabs to import bulk settings from clipboard. The accepted format is outlined below. All you have to do is select the text, copy it and press Import Clipboard on the GUI.




    USERNAME,PASSWORD (the PIN will be automatically inserted as 1234).



Note: you can use comma, colon, semicolon or pipe as separators.

Only Linux servers are supported at this moment. The manager has been tested on CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16, all with GNOME desktop installed. OSBot requires a desktop environment even if it is run in headless mode so X Window System must be installed along with a desktop package, preferably with VNC access setup so you can easily check if it’s working. The ORACLE JDK 8 requirement applies to Linux systems too, the default OPEN JDK is not suitable. Make sure you configure the alternatives for java to use the ORACLE JDK, not the default OPEN JDK.

If you have any issues, PM Token#9525 on discord with teamviewer credentials.

Fill in the paths required when adding a server by using the following commands to obtain information:

whereis java
whereis jps

Download the OSBot jar and insert the path to this jar including the file with .jar extension in the OSBot path field. In most cases, the user account required is the one which owns the specific display, i.e. if you configured VNC access and started the VNC service from a user account other than root, make sure you use this account in the manager.