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Mort Myre Fungus Example

The scripts listed in the presets are those listed below, you will need to own them in order to run this preset. 


Scripts needed:

Before you run this method, make sure you have some accounts ready (tutorial island completed, membership and have 200 dragon bones, 400k cash on each account).

Setting up the CLI Parameters for Stealth Quester

We first need to save our gear in Stealth Quester, so open Osbot on a random account that has at least level 30 Attack and 5 Magic. Save the gear settings as you see in the pictures below.

Wear an adamant scimitar, an amulet of strength and a ring of recoil and save this Preset with the name “addyscimi”. This is required for Nature Spirit Quest and Priest in Peril. 

Wear a staff of air, a ring of recoil and make sure you have some mind runes and water runes in your inventory. You must autocast the waterspell for this gear. After you autocast it, save this preset as “MMF2”.

Next, chose from Stealth Quester the following quests in the exact same order and make sure you check the gear as well as you see in the picture.

Click on “Save current settings” and save this preset as “MMF”.

Setting up the CLI Parameters for Mory Myre Fungus

For the Mort Myre Fungus preset, make sure you check:

  • Use GE Restocking
  • Hop worlds

Save this preset as “1”.

Setting up the CLI Parameters for Prayer

Now go to the “Task” section and add a new task. The first task you need to add is the one for Prayer. Select when you want the farm to start and check “Run Until Stop” option. For the Paramters simply copy past the following:


Now add the second task which is Stealth Quester. Make sure that between the first task (prayer) and the second task (quester) is at least 30 minutes inbetween just as you see in my example. Prayer start at 11:30 and the quester starts at 12:00. 

For the final task, add Khal Mort Myre Fungus and type the parameter that we saved earlier which is “1”. Make sure there is at least 1 hour and 45 minutes interval between the quester and the fungus task. 

Finally, after you add your proxies and accounts, choose the world where you want for each account to start and click save.