Bot Manager

The bot manager will help you eliminate redundant tasks like starting scripts manually 100+ times when running a farm. Your entire farm can be managed from a single interface. 

The manager has so far been tested on Windows 10 and CentOS 7. The Mac version will be up shortly after it’s been tested.

Oracle JRE 8 is required to run the manager, it can be downloaded from here.

For more information/help, message NotAbot#4836 or Token#9525  on discord

The manager comes with a few built-in presets used in our videos, which you can easily use whenever you want. We will add more presets as we continue with our gold farming journey.

Save your bots, proxies, servers and assign tasks to quickly deploy your gold farm.

Each task has a 7 day schedule where you can add task items with specific time intervals or using the “run until stop option’, which basically executes the script until it stops (e.g. Stealth Quester until the quests have been completed). The “run until stop” option is used when you have a specific goal in mind, while time intervals can be used to simulate sleep patterns or human like behavior. 

When you add a task with “run until stop’, it will fill up the time slots until the next task, even though it will only be launched once in this interval.

Add configurations in your dashboard and press start to begin running the bot. The status is displayed on the right most column, e.g. BREAKING, RUNNING.