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Blast furnace gold farm

So a few weeks ago I started botting blast furnace as a joke. Blast furnace bans are typically high, but to my surprise, I ended up getting 90 smithing before the ban wave hit me. 

I was doing runite bars and I was making around 760k gp profit per hour with the breaks that I was taking. The great thing about blast furnace though, is that you can start at 30 smithing. According to the runescape wiki, you can make 700k gp per hour with steel bars, assuming you have the coal bag and ice gloves. These are extremely easy to get. Without coal bag and ice gloves the profits are between 150k to 200k gp per hour. I would encourage you to get the coal bag since it will give you some mining levels and it will make your bot look a bit more legit and only do it at 30 smithing during twitch prime events.



Building the accounts

 Get some random stats up with our account-building script to make your bots look more human-like. Example: 51 fishing, 53 woodcutting, 47 smithing, 41 mining, 61 cooking, 44 fletching, 50 crafting, 25 herblore. Get some firemaking levels with our firemaking script and a few construction levels with stealth builder. You can train woodcutting, smithing, fishing and other f2p skills directly in f2p to avoid losing your membership investment if a ban hits in p2p. 

Get 60+ agility  for te full gracefull set. This will help you save money with stamina potions(also supported by the account builder). 

Get some random quest points with  stealth quester.  Quests like The knight sword will help you reach 30 smiting faster .

You can get a coal bag with the Perfect Motherload Mine script on OSBot. It takes roughly 2-3 days to hit 60 mining and enough nuggets to afford a coal bag. 


Order ice gloves services manually from our service discord. 

Start gold farming at blast furnace with the Perfect Blaster script on OSBot. It has built in ge restocking and I personally vouch for it. It’s a solid script. Here are some settings you can use when running this script.