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Why Should You Get Your Friends On BOTTINGHUB

There are two reasons

  1. BOTTINGHUB will LITERALLY increase the ROI they get on their farms, help them manage and launch everything much easier and get access to our scripts depending on the plan they pick

This isn’t a marketing “pitch”. This is reality. Our successful customers earn between $500 to $5000 every month in profits. 

2. You can easily make a few extra bucks from each customer you refer. A payout for the Bot Manager Pro Lifetime is $40 and $80 for Bot Manager Elite lifetime.


We will post your video in our discord server, website, email newsletter and YouTube shutout each time you upload new content! With our help, it should take only a few weeks to be able to monetize your videos!

Existing affiliates will be able to get residential proxies for $1.7 each and data center for $0.5 each as well as 10% discount in our service discord for hand made services + priority support. 

If you need tips on running your own youtube channel or need editing services – our team is here ready to help. 

You can request a free banner with a custom discount code which you can add into your signature on different botting forums and platforms. 

Unlocking Perks of Partnership: Benefits of Promoting Our Brand.

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Upload 1 video & 1 short

  • you are eligible to receive a 20% commission for every sale that is generated through your affiliate link or coupon code & your content will be boosted by us

Upload 3 videos & 3 shorts

  • you are now eligible to receive exclusive pricing of our residential proxies at a rate of 1.5$ each & 10% discount in our hand made service discord

Upload 5 videos & 5 shorts

  • you are now eligible to access the Botting Hub Elite plan

Upload 8 videos & 8 shorts

  • you are now eligible to obtain high-quality Youtube channel art, crafted by our professional designer, at no cost

Upload 10 videos & 10 shorts

  • you are now eligible to receive 3 free video edits 

Upload 15 videos & 15 shorts

  • you are now eligible to access a second elite lifetime plan and 3 free video edits

*Please note that in order to be eligible, your videos must be engaging, informative, and entertaining, with sufficient content to maintain viewer interest. Uploading hastily produced, low-quality videos lasting only 2-3 minutes will not yield any of these benefits.

*The validity of your license key will be sustained provided that you maintain an ongoing practice of producing videos 

Your affiliate link is waiting for you! Check ‘My Account – Affiliates’. 

Affiliate testimonial


  • went viral on the 3rd video with over 43k views in 1 week
  • reached 1k subscribers with only 3 videos and 2 shorts and monetized his channel
  •  over $800 in commissions from only 4 videos
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