osrs accounts

All the accounts are trained by us with our own scripts and are rested for 7-60 days. Payment methods available: Crypto, OSRSGP, Credit card.

94 FM Hcim / Ironman

Hcim - $16; Ironman -$12

99 FM Hcim / Ironman

HCIM - $30; Ironman -$25

Minnow fisher with angler set

Price: $20

94 magic account with barrows gloves
*defence fully quested

Price: $140

94 magic account
*defence fully quested (78QP)

Price: $65

*defence fully quested (78QP)

Price: $85

Sales are done via our live chat.
*random skills may vary slightly

Frequently asked questions

Yes! All accounts are rested! They have between 7-60 days of rest making them safe to play.

Yes, the accounts are safe to use. Some were trained manually or with premium bots and have a lot of rest time to ensure safety.

No, we do not buy acconts. 

Yes, we can do additional services for you like barrows gloves, quests, levels,void, etc. Just ask and we can quote you the price.